About Jwlç

 Un poquito sobre Jwlç

Jwlç is a Denver based painter and a muralist that was born in El Paso TX, and was raised in Ciudad Juárez until he was 11 years old. At the age of 11 years old Jwlç came to the United States and has lived in the Westwood area since then, where he has grown artistically thanks to the support of the community there.

For Jwlç it is very important to incorporate his motherland roots into his art. 

Jwlç says “I am who I am because of my Mexican and Latino heritage, therefore incorporating these into my art makes it meaningful to me and I’m sure it’s meaningful to those that can relate as well. I feel it is a gift to get inspired by our own traditions, food, people and colors and it’s a blessing to be able to put all these into an art piece and inspire others.


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